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- Existing Buildings
- Alterations & Renovations
- Custom Sheds & Carports
- Unapproved Building Assistance
- Relocatable Buildings

Some Tips to Consider

* Check for your drainage (storm water, sewer etc.). This is critical. Too far from legal discharge point can always be an expensive exercise. Engage an underground service locator (we can assist).

* Locate your bathrooms, W/C, and kitchen within close proximity of such amenities.

* Keep in mind boundary clearance- if relaxation is required – make the most of it. Most council’s charge single fee for multiple boundaries.

* Always check on QBCC website what one can achieve as self-assessable buildings – less unnecessary insurance, professional engagements and the likes.

* For multiple parts of a project such as an addition of carport, deck, sheds, renovations etc. suggest obtaining building approvals for all at once even you may do parts in near future year. All your paperwork will be done in one process instead of making fresh starts. Each new process, for example, might cost one $4000-00; a combined package will cost $6000-00 instead of $12000-00 and so forth. A later renewal may cost you only $800-00.

* Call us for more cost savings and assistance from drafting to building aspects of your project.

Further Testimonials

"Kesh from Easy as designs has held our hand through our conversion process. He is very knowledgeable, supportive and is a great communicator. I would recommend this business. Thanks Kesh!"
Claire E.
"I am very grateful for Easy As Designs for their expertise, vast knowledge and guidance that ensured that my project was completed efficiently, quick and saved me a lot of money. I would highly recommend this firm if you want everything taken care of. Thanks to Kesh for his hard work with my project."
Igor S.
"I called Kesh on Monday morning and he was at my job site in the afternoon. On the following day we had his engineer at our place. All drawings were finished by Friday. We had had a bit of a problem finding a certifier and when we did find one from Matrix he showed up late and was rude. With Kesh we found an excellent customer service, prompt and efficient service. I would definitely recommend his business as this is a rare case of having a high quality service at a very competitive price.​"
Sergei P.
"Very reliable and easy to talk to, will definitely use kesh again."
Simon D.
"Kesh Nadan from Easy As Designs has provided prompt, reliable and professional service at a very reasonable rate. I have felt supported and reassured by Kesh in making sense of all the requirements related to planning my renovation and getting things underway. Kesh has also been obliging enough to liaise with my builder to finalize the process and make it seamless and effortless. I can highly recommend Easy As Designs.​"
Elizabeth K.
"We had sub- divide our shop in half due to financial issues. Not only he assisted us with design and plant layout but his proactive approach to shifting machines etc saved us thousands of dollars. His knowledge in design, engineering and certification is well be class . A design draftsman with proactive approach is unbelievable. Kesh to be assured uses his head. Excellent job and would recommend anyone who's projects are complex and complicated. He will assist you all the to the finish of project. Good on you Kesh"
Nitya R.
"Kesh provided us with excellent service and great money saving ideas. Not only our deck went without any hiccups. Our stable, sheds and extension were all designed to perfection and cost efficient. Saved a fortune alone as per his suggestion about putting all buildings in single certification. Support through the building process was second to none. We recommend his service to anyone. If need a job well done, and the projects just that touch bit curly - definitely give Kesh a call. Recommend his service to anyone complex or simple. Mine was quite complex but he made it look easy.​"
Emmanuel S.
"Kesh was very prompt in his response to my inquiry, he helped to organise the engineering and certification and at all times the communication was excellent.The time frame for the plans was to his word and the ongoing assistance and professional approach throughout this project has been invaluable. I highly recommend Easy as Designs to anyone that needs the job done right.​"
Paul H.
"Among all the people from Hipages, Kesh was the only one that was committed to his words and works. He has done a great job for us and definitely work within our interests. He is very easy to work with (even though our constructions were complicated) and has delivered professionalism. I highly recommend him to anyone that wish to start any constructions work, extensions etc.​"
Annik B.
"Kesh has designed and drafted two very different decks for me, and has done an outstanding job. He worked closely with my builders, the engineer and the certifiers ensuring that both decks, and a further certification on an additional bedroom went smoothly. Easy to work with, lots of proactive communication, and ideas to save money. I highly recommend his services.​"
Todd B.

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